Adopt the Always-Present Change in Our Lives

Embrace the presence of life’s challenging changes for happiness.

Ken Kayse
4 min readAug 24, 2021


Courtesy: Monsterkoi via Pixabay

There was a time in my teens where I thought I knew everything.

There was a time in my 20s when I felt strong and indestructible.

There was a time in my 30s when I coveted playing with my children.

There was a time in my 40s when I realized I don’t know everything.

There was a time in my 50s when my knees started aching.

There was a time in my 60s when I developed more heart problems.

Now I am in my 70s and, looking back, I can see all these humongous changes in myself, changes so subtle I didn’t even know they were happening.

Change resides within us every day in everything we do or say. Sometimes it remains dormant (or so we think) to give us time to process the changes that have already happened. In reality, just as with the passage of time, our lives change from one day to another.

You can relate to what I’m saying by examining your own existence. You don’t have to go all the way back to your teens either. Your present-day life is giving you a bounty of change on a daily basis.

Want proof?

“How,” you ask?

Every interaction you have with someone or something represents a potential change to your current status quo. Turn on a TV anytime throughout the day and you’ll see a news broadcast or an interview that will change your perspective.

Read about our border crisis, and you will see the utter helplessness of immigrants to flee their country’s repressive measures and journey north to a land of freedom and opportunity.

Other changes are just as dramatic, perhaps, yet on a different scale.

  • Our view of each sunrise and sunset changes every day.
  • The non-stop passage of time shows us a second-by-second change.
  • The fickleness of our weather offers another display of change.



Ken Kayse

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