Be Careful When You Choose the Intangible Objects of Your Desire

The differences between one person and another can be identified by the intangible objects they strive to achieve.

Ken Kayse
3 min readMay 24, 2022


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On Tangible Objects —

Many times, men and women define and set their goals on ways to attain tangible objects. After all, everyone loves a tangible product they can hold, and feel, and touch, and own — be it a new car, a house, a dress, or perhaps a most-sought-after luxurious vacation spot.

The companies many of us work for will wine and dine us in an attempt to get more and better production out of us. They will outline what it will take to win the coveted reward.

Tangible products are easy to evaluate because we can see, touch, and feel them, as well as desire them. Many times, they are what motivates us to produce.

As a result, we are constantly chasing the carrot at the end of the stick — and, if we’re focused and industrious for a long-enough period, we may end up achieving whatever goal was set to win our just reward.

On Intangible Objects —

Then there are the intangible objects both sexes strive to obtain — peace, marriage, family, harmony, love, dignity, friendship, honor, unity, integrity, morals, and scruples. This list of objects goes on and on, covering a universe of human wants and needs that, at times, seem unattainable.

These are much harder to attain because they are thoughts and ideals — they are traits many of us want to see instilled in everyone throughout the world. These beliefs and principles are what we strive to achieve daily, and what we teach our children to strive to achieve.

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What would happen if the world was devoid of these intangibles? All of these extremely necessary ideals usually enable us to maintain some semblance of law and order throughout the world.



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