Happiness is a Warm Feeling Rushing Through Your Head on a Cold Morning

It happens to millions of us every day. Good for us!

Ken Kayse
3 min readJul 24, 2022


A manhole cover painted in rainbow colors with a smiley face accenting the entire cover.
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Alright, I know what you’re thinking, but you are wrong.

You’re reading this, thinking I’m going to give you the secret to eternal happiness.

Nope, not a chance! If I had that secret, I’d be kissing a cop down on 35th and Vine — that, or I’d be bottling and selling it to everyone like Chanel #5, only I’d call it Eau de Happiness.

What I can share with you is what makes me happy, especially with all the negativity we get bombasted with every day. Maybe if I share a little bit of my happiness it will make your day a little brighter.

The first thing that makes me happy is when I wake up in the morning. Yay me! That means I made it to another sunrise, another chance to be better than I was yesterday. It also gives me a chance to make an impact on someone, which might change their world for the positive.

I’m sure I’m no different from anyone else. I remember my younger years, when I was still growing, and learning how to act appropriately for my age. My ‘smart mouth’ would, occasionally, get me in trouble with my parents. I would get a stern look from them and, invariably, hear them say, “You’d better change your attitude, young man!”

That meant I had stepped over the line of civility and they were calling me out for it — I was ‘too full of myself’ was the way they always put it. I heard it pretty often, so I guess I was a slow learner.

As long as I’m throwing out colloquialisms, let me add another:

“If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!“— Henry Ford

My parents were great teachers of right and wrong. I mean that in a loving, admiring way. They used Henry Ford’s quote to teach me to be more positive and have an open mind when I had to tackle a problem.

Most parents do that with their kids, to some extent. They use these old sayings as tools to instruct their children about the plusses and minuses of their…



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