I Looked in the Mirror Today and I Liked the Figure Staring Back at Me

Let me tell you a story about how “old” feels

Ken Kayse


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Seven decades. It sounds like a long time, doesn’t it? Perhaps it is for humans, but not so long in the cosmic scheme of things. In that realm, seventy years is but a tiny teardrop of time.

What was it about me that made today different from all the other days I’ve stared into the mirror? Weariness! I looked haggard and worn for one. I had bags under my eyes and a double gobble-chin.

Every day when I wake, my hair always looks like every strand is trying to escape my head in a different direction. I try to flatten them, but that only seems to make it worse. Combined with my other features present in the mirror, no wonder I look weary.

Despite how I appeared once I first glanced at myself, I felt pretty good — none of my usual arthritis aches and pains were pestering me. Still, it was worrying to me that I appeared so tired after waking from a solid eight hours of sleep.

To get my day started on a positive note, I put those worries aside long enough to take a shower, shave and get dressed for a normal day of trudging around the house. Since the early days of my retirement in 2018, apparently, I have become an expert at trudging around the house.

Normally, I’m a dynamic ball of energy. I get more done in the morning than most people do all day. But today was different. Today I found myself conceding to Father Time that I just don’t have the same energy level as I had in my youth. Nowadays I take longer times out to regain my strength or regain my breath.

You can only fool Father Time and yourself for a little while in an effort to deny the effects of your body’s aging. Sooner or later, the timepiece of each of our lives will stop ticking. Having acknowledged that, I find it important to maintain control of how my mind and body react to the reality of getting old.

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Perception is everything.



Ken Kayse

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