Never Tell Your Parents You Don’t Have Anything to Do

Every kid gets bored of ‘nothing to do.’ My mistake was telling my parents.

Hanging outside the Spar
 These youths are both 12 years old. After hanging around outside the Spar they ventured to another local off licence with no apparent purpose in their loitering. Asking people for money, and complaining that they have nothing to do one of them says “It’s boring, sometimes there are 30 of us dossing out on the streets with nothing to do”. The father of one of the youths says “They’re only 12. Imagine what they will be like in a couple of years”
“Hanging outside the Spar” by andreasandrews is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

I am the second oldest of six children my parents had. I have a brother and four younger sisters. My brother…



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Ken Kayse (

Ken Kayse (

When Life knocks you down, be a rubber ball and bounce up. I enjoy creativity and I love life! I write for fun and I live in the present. Try it you’ll like it.