Now They Vote Yes — How Disgusting

HR 3967 passed both houses and now goes to the President for his signature, making it law.

Ken Kayse
4 min readAug 3, 2022


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This is a follow-up article to Republicans Beware: America’s Veterans Have Very, Very Long Memories.

Wait a minute!


What just happened?

When I first awoke this morning, I did my normal routine: shave, shower, brushed my teeth, got dressed, and then grabbed a coffee. The next thing I did was warm up my computer to waken it from its sleep so I can read the news as I flick on the TV — that’s my normal routine.

As soon as the TV came on, CNN was showing that HR 3967, the PACT Act, had been overwhelmingly passed in the Senate by a vote of 86–11 after having been voted down by a group of Republicans — who had originally voted for it overwhelmingly in June — on July 30th, just 3 days prior.

By this act becoming law, veterans who were in areas exposed to burn pits will now qualify for quality care and compensation for the injuries and debilitating diseases they suffer from.

Further, in many previous reports, substantial established proof has been provided by the National Academies of Science and Medicine that indicate exposure to Agent Orange causes hypertension. High blood pressure affects over 37% of the veteran population.

But wait, there’s more!

Before we get all congratulatory and celebrate this huge victory for veterans, please, let’s not forget what happened along the way for this act to become law.

Uncle Sam (Congress and the Senate) has known for quite some time that soldiers being exposed to chemicals from these sources would suffer from these diseases (certain cancers, hypertension, diabetes, and mental health issues).

Knowing this, they did NOTHING. They had the proof they needed to enact changes to our laws, but they willfully neglected to recognize the proof, ostensibly, because of the cost of the program to make amends.



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