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Living With Post-Traumatic Stress

Writing about it, meditation, and a change of direction helps!

Ken Kayse
12 min readJun 26, 2021


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Before I start, a bit of background is in order: I have Post Traumatic Stress. I have had Post-Traumatic Stress since 1967, although I didn’t realize it until much later. My first counseling session didn’t happen until 1980.

This article is not about the details of what caused my post-traumatic stress. It was brought about by a variety of both life events, plus physical and emotional traumas I sustained while I served in the Army.

Today, my focus is devoted to showing others suffering from PTS the ‘coping skills’ I learned and use daily, to control what’s going on inside my brain. By repeating these techniques every single day, I can control my reactions to whatever incidents flood my mind at any moment.

After reliving, over and over again, so many terrible events that have happened, what could I possibly hope to accomplish by writing about them, especially so many years after they occurred?

I hope to show other sufferers how they can achieve more peace, self-awareness, and acceptance of who they are and what they can become by sharing my relief tactics, as well as how I got to this place.

No Stigma, No Shame, No Embarrassment

Why so long between what happened and when I sought help? I thought I had to ‘man up’ and try to keep it under control. What a crock that was!

Another bit of information for you: I do not look at myself as ‘disabled.’ I also don’t believe I have a mental illness. I have zero shame or embarrassment about needing help. Whether or not we want to admit it, every single human being living here on earth either will need, or has needed help.

Society must be re-educated, to completely dissolve the stigma surrounding any and all mental health issues. There is no embarrassment or shame in seeking help for any medical condition. It is well beyond time to dispose of this misnomer once and for all.



Ken Kayse

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