Some People Change Their Clothes as Often as the Weather Changes from Warm to Chilly to Warm Again

The problem with this is a lack of consistency

Ken Kayse
3 min readApr 30, 2022


Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

Living in the Ohio Valley has its good points and bad. The weather is so fickle that, in the spring, when you go outside, if you’re properly attired, you could see all four seasons in less than half an hour!

For those who think I’m kidding, I have seen it SNOW on Derby Day, always held on the first Saturday in May, unless of course, COVID shuts down the world again. Severe weather is no stranger to this neck of the woods, not by any means.

One year, not only was there a hailstorm the night before the Derby, but there was also a hailacious downpour that left the trees, houses, and cars scattered with littered glass and downed power lines around the Churchill Downs neighborhood.

When you step outside in April in our region, you have to be prepared for 40° temperatures in the morning, plus a stiff wind, plus overcast skies that look ominous enough to drop an inch of rain very quickly, followed by an afternoon of 75° temps, rising to 85° later in the day, accompanied with a sudden stillness in the air, which makes your de-layering skills all the more important.

With proper planning, you can use a parka, a hoodie, a sweater, an umbrella, a hand-held fan, sunscreen, a hat, hot cocoa in the morning, and a large Icee from your favorite ice cream store, all within a span of less than 12 hours.

In these parts, you have to be adept at changing with the weather. Your children must be dedicated to their chosen sport, especially soccer. You see, soccer games are seldom cancelled by rainstorms, only lightning.

I have personally witnessed a game being called due to rain when the field looked like high tide was rolling in. Thankfully, the referees were able to get all the kids off the field before any of them drowned.

When you watch the Weather Channel to get the day’s forecast in the morning, many times you find yourself arriving home at the end of that day’s sporting events, turning on your TV again to the Weather…



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