Sometimes We Can’t See the Truth Even When It Slaps Us in the Face

Some of us want to be an ostrich, while others want to be an eagle

Ken Kayse


This is a photo of a brown-feathered ostrich with its head stuck in the sand.
Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

Stop… wait… hold on there! Don’t go away just yet. Continue reading and you will find that this is not an article about politics, or religion — not in the least.

No, what this article will address is a nagging insight into our individual need to be right, and to be free, and to be non-conforming, among many other annoying proclivities we tend to possess.

Many of us want to soar like an eagle, while others stick their heads in the sand like an ostrich, avoiding whatever the future holds.

Nagging insight? Yes, nagging insight!

One characteristic of being free is that we tend to make it morph into areas where it doesn’t belong. How so? Consider this instance, as a small sample:

Yesterday, I took my wife to breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants — nothing fancy, just a simple eggs-and-bacon type of place where locals gather with their families and have a nice meal.

We had already placed our orders when a couple of friends walked in and joined the waiting line to get a table. We waved at them, and of course started small talk with them — beautiful morning, nice weather, easy banter, nothing too in depth.

The relative tightness of the restaurant’s space allowed them to stand close to our table, separated only by a four-foot, wooden wall, which was designed to give us somewhat of a sense of privacy.

In reality, the wall was a resting place for elbows, or for sitting rowdy kids on while the parents waited their turn to sit. It offered a simple barrier to keep people from bumping into us as we ate.

While we were chatting with our friends, the topic switched to “Doctor’s appointments” coming up during the next week. My wife had fallen several weeks ago and broke her shoulder, and we were due for a routine visit with the surgeon to make sure things were healing properly.



Ken Kayse

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