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The Human Brain Is Adaptable To Changes Beyond Our Imaginations

A year of dramatic changes — Call us chameleons!

Ken Kayse
8 min readAug 11, 2021


Photo by Gabriel P on Unsplash

What A Quick 8 Months Can Teach Us.

When I look at the past, back to the beginning of January, I felt like a kid in a candy store where all the candy is free.

I had high hopes for 2021, especially since we were coming out of a year marked with quarantine due to COVID-19, mask-wearing, isolation from our families and friends, short supplies of necessity items — you name it!

Besides being able to step away from the drama that seemed to be playing out on national TV between antagonists of mask-wearing pitted against the protagonist, Dr. Fauci, there was much to look forward to on the 1st day of January.

After a tumultuous election cycle and an abbreviated Christmas season, our whole nation was looking to get back to some sense of normalcy! There had been enough upheaval in our routines, as well as our thoughts. Everyone seemed to be happy that 2020 was finally in the rearview mirror.

It only took six days to change all that!

Like a chameleon in a forest of deadly predators, our nation had to watch a debacle play out in Washington, D.C. that was truly unfathomable by all conventional human standards.

With the expected confirmation of a new President ready to be finalized, rioters and demonstrators pulled the extension cord from the wall, stopping the entire process for a considerable period. Americans (yes, Americans) had launched an all-out assault on our nation’s Capitol.

Thankfully, words became the weapons of preference. Words such as anarchy, insurrection, sedition, and traitors were launched at one another. Debased epithets, racial slurs, and slanderous accusations were tossed among these wicked ne’er-do-wells, inciting more violence.

All of this, and we were only six days into 2021! Whatever infinitely small chance we had for normalcy disappeared in the blink of an eye! America had been slapped squarely in the face by political fanatics…



Ken Kayse

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