The Inevitable and Constant Change in Our Life is Our New Reality

The hardest thing for us to learn is that change will occur despite our anxious attempts to remain the same

Ken Kayse
2 min readApr 27, 2022


A tall green tree with many branches and roots sprouting everywhere.
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Stop, you’re going too fast! You’re wanting to search my words, hoping to find some wisdom that you might apply to your life that will make you a better person.

Stop, and take enough time to truly reflect on the picture… the tree! By any definition you care to apply, this is no ordinary tree. There is great wisdom and knowledge within this tree, if we take the time to…

Look! Look at the girth of this monstrous tree, its roots reaching out to take a deep stab into the earth around it, as if it is saying, “I am here… I am alive… I am strong… and nothing shall ever separate me from my roots.”

Even the untrained eye can see the strength that oozes from this tree. This tree knows what it must do to stay alive, to survive. It must adapt to different circumstances from one day to the next. It knows that nothing always stays the same, nothing.

Look! Look at the intelligence this tree exudes. Now there’s a new wrinkle — who ever heard of a talking tree? All trees can and will talk, if we just listen. This tree tells us of its history by the size of its roots, its branches and its unshakeable strength.

How many times have the four seasons come and gone, over and over again, only to see this tree get stronger? How many winds and rainstorms, lightning strikes and broken limbs has this tree seen? And yet, we can see the tree’s resolve to stay the course.

Look again! Another glance shows us this tree knows how to adapt to all these changes life throws its way — and still grows ever larger! Its leaves succumb to the seasons, year after year. Still, new leaves emerge each spring to offer us a new breeze, some shade, or maybe even some shelter from a sudden rainstorm.

New branches sprout from nowhere, a soothing salve replacing those that lightning, or winds may have destroyed, strengthening the tree anew, allowing it to roll with the flow of the wind, unhindered of the worry that it may break and die.

The answers humanity searches for can be found in the bosom of this tree, if we take the time to stop and look! How we welcome and adapt to change is what is truly important.

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