The World Lost a True Leader on August 14th, 2022 — Someone You’ve Never Heard About

Cracking a glass ceiling was no challenge for this person. In fact, it was expected of her.

Ken Kayse
5 min readOct 4, 2022


My beautiful sister, Denise (Courtesy: Author)

I love putting a face with a name. From time to time, when I’m talking to a stranger on a phone call, I mentally envision what I think they might look like. I think we all do that, at one time or another.

I include a picture of my sister to answer many questions about her and what makes her so special to anyone who knows her.

I knew my sister for every day of her life, all 68 years, 8 months of it, lacking a day. I remember when Mom and Dad brought her home from the hospital. She was so tiny, but she had absolutely eye-catching brown eyes and a full head of brown hair to match.

She was beautiful, and she was perfect — all five feet-two inches of her.

As she grew in stature, she became known for her feisty spirit and her desire for independence. She wasn’t known for “toeing the line,” more so for pushing the line forward, inch-by-inch, until she would cross it, then “double-dog-dare” you to do something about it.

She was staunchly opposed to any of the negative forces that swirl around most of us. She defended the weak and the poor. She saw people of color the same as she saw herself — a person who loved and had deeply personal feelings.

There wasn’t an ounce of discrimination within her. That’s what drew so many of her acquaintances to her, her ability to treat everyone as an equal. She had an uncanny ability to make people feel comfortable around her.

Later on, when she started working for “the man,” she had no fears about speaking up and saying what was on her mind, ever mindful of being diplomatic about her delivery.

Her diplomacy would serve her well. Appropriately enough, that caught the attention of “the man,” who then rewarded her with promotion after promotion, landing her a rung high up on the corporate ladder, so high that she could see the glass ceiling she had shattered.



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