There Are No Absolutes, No Permanents, And I’m Still Unsure About Forever!

Wait! Let me get back to you on that.

Ken Kayse
3 min readSep 6, 2021


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Guess what I have noticed when I read some of these articles on Medium? There is certainly no shortage of advice! I can get solutions offered for nearly anything that ails me.

Please don’t get me wrong — this isn’t a complaint. It is simply an observation. I like advice! I listen to advice from anyone. In fact, the more advice I get, the better off I am. My ears prick up instantly when I hear the phrase, “If you want my advice…” because I know some gem of wisdom is about to be professed.

Now, whether or not the advice is sound or actionable is left to the listener to decide. I have listened to tons of bad advice being given to others. Anyone with two ears can hear and recognize bad advice.

Good advice comes around every now and then. It isn’t quite as frequent, and it will attract similar-minded people like a moth to a flame. Those who espouse this type of advice are usually found in leadership and teaching positions. They are known for their sage counsel.

Nothing is permanent.

A good friend once told me, “Good advice is worth keeping in life. Just don’t expect it to always be good advice.”

Doling out more words of wisdom, he also stated, “There are no absolutes or permanents in life. There can’t be because each moment of our lives changes. What’s good for today may be horrible for tomorrow.”

“Nothing lasts forever,” he said. “The winds of time and the movement of the earth will slowly scratch away all the mountains of the world. So, don’t set your sights on anything lasting forever.”

Is he right? I have tried many different ways to prove his statements are false. But, I have found his beliefs to be true — there are no absolutes or permanents. As to his “nothing lasts forever” proclamation, I’m still a skeptic on that one.



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