There Will Come a Day When We Have to Define Our Legacy

How will we define our heritage to our children and grandchildren?

Ken Kayse
5 min readApr 25


American Poet Amanda Gorman’s poem “The Hill We Climb” is displayed with an imprint of an outline of her head placed on top of the poem.
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The epic times we are living through will be passed down from one generation to the next one day; I have but one question for all the Baby Boomers: How will we tell our story?

Our heritage is what we have inherited from the past to value and enjoy in the present, and to preserve and pass on to future generations. The Heritage Council

There are so many rabbit holes to fall in here, I’m not certain where to begin. I think the best way to express them is to list them, so they have an identity.

  • Immigration
  • Climate Change
  • Discrimination
  • Debt
  • Politics
  • War

Let me dissect these one by one, to help us realize what our challenges are to help better our loved ones’ future.

IMMIGRATION — Our generation should not leave the current immigration problem for the next generation to solve. We should be proactive in finding a workable solution. The best way to find such a solution is to first establish who should qualify to be admitted to our country.

Before you become outraged or try to rip out my heart for being so unsympathetic to those seeking entrance, let me explain.

Both of our major political parties acknowledge that we have an immigration problem here in America. Both sides make recommendations that, ultimately, go nowhere. One side wants to build walls around our borders, while the other side explores offering amnesty to illegal immigrants. Neither of those options will work, not now, nor in the long run.

It would appear that, if we are trying to discourage crooks, thieves, and other misfits from entering our country, there has to be a harsher consequence in the event someone is caught here illegally, without the proper visa or green card documentation.

Perhaps one step we could take is to work to get a unified contract with other countries that says a person who wants to apply for entry to the United States because of bias, prejudice, actions of…



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