Trump is Never Asked Face-to-Face to Substantiate Any of His Lies

There is no accountability and as yet no consequences for his actions, either.

Ken Kayse
2 min readMay 22


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One guy! That is all he is, ladies and gentlemen, one guy! I believe he thinks of himself as omnipotent in his ability to influence people into accepting all of his lies as nothing but truth.

He is aided by all the media sources — radio, TV, and newspapers — who only report what he says to sensationalize his statements, so they can sell their various products, making profits without questioning the validity of what he spouts. The end result is that they perpetuate and legitimize his lies to the American public.

Mr. Trump is an expert at stonewalling, not just the journalists and news reporters who cover his insane shenanigans, but also a large majority of Americans.

What we get wrong in our approach to gain proof from him that substantiates his utterances is the fact that no one stands up to him, face-to-face, and challenges his statements to the point of making him “put up or shut up.” He is somehow, some way, always let off the hook for his views.

One of his primary defenses when he is challenged is to slip-slide away from the question by claiming the questioner is very negative, or that they are radicalized left-wing ‘ringers,’ sent to ask difficult questions so they can turn his answers into sensationalized headlines.

During his time as a public figure, Donald Trump has been accused of making racist and misogynistic statements, and his behavior towards women has been the subject of numerous controversies. He has also been criticized for having an extreme lack of moral leadership and behaving in ways that many people find objectionable.

It is important to note that opinions about Donald Trump’s character and behavior vary widely depending on one’s political views and beliefs, and any discussion of these issues should be based on facts and evidence, of which there is plenty. However, there are a significant number of those among us who refuse to accept the evidence that proves Trump’s lies are false. Apparently, there is no chance of swaying their beliefs, either. In order to counter Trump’s assertions, he needs to be challenged whenever or wherever he starts to spew out these lies.

Wendy’s used to run an ad asking, “Where’s the beef?” Such should be asked of Mr. Trump, “Put up or shut up.” He needs to provide us with unbiased, confirmed documentation that he can present to prove his talking points. Then, let America decide if he is justified.

I don’t think he can “show me the beef.”

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