We Long to See the Day When World Peace is a Reality

Think about the good that can be done for our world

Ken Kayse


Photo by Tori Nefores on Unsplash

We long to see the day when world peace is a reality, where the world unites as one color, without discrimination, with dignity, and where freedom is shared by all.

I am a different kind of veteran!

A veteran is defined as a PERSON who has had long experience in a particular field. We are ALL veterans of something.

I am a veteran of war and a veteran of peace.

I am a veteran of helping the people of Vietnam and of being vilified for it when I returned home.

I am a veteran of discriminating against someone and of being discriminated against by someone.

I am a veteran of hurting people, protecting people, and healing people.

I am a veteran of looking the other way and of turning the other cheek.

I am a veteran of deeply hurting someone and of deeply loving and caring for someone.

I am a veteran of conscious action and of conscious inaction.

I am a veteran of belittling someone and of praising someone.

I am a veteran of white privilege and of free speech.

This world of ours is filled with many different emotions, different feelings, and different colors.

Black Lives Matter; White Lives Matter; LBGTQIA+ Lives Matter; We ALL matter! But, some of us seem to matter MORE than others.

I believe EVERY LIFE matters and should be equally recognized. I also believe the BLM movement and the LBGTQIA+ movement must be at the forefront in the fight against racism, not just here in America, but worldwide. They have the most at stake and they DESERVE this time in our history.

These two movements have exposed the discrimination, bias, and ignorance that exists within each of us and within our society. The only way to extinguish these three flames of anguish is to educate them.

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Ken Kayse

When Life knocks you down, be a rubber ball and bounce up. I enjoy creativity and I love life! I write for fun and I live in the present. Try it you’ll like it.