What it Will Take to Make Positive Changes to Our Country Before, During and After the Next Election

It will take much greater emphasis on the letter “I”.

Ken Kayse
3 min readApr 27


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When I stop for a moment and think about all the problems America is facing right now, I could easily get depressed, if that was in my nature. Luckily, I am an optimist. I tend to think there is a solution to every problem.

There is definitely one solution our country needs right now I think we can all agree on, no matter which political party wins — unity. How we arrive at that goal is the big question that seems to stump all politicians.

These axioms get overwhelming use and abuse during the election cycle:

  • I want to bring us together as one.
  • We are strongest when we are unified.
  • Our strength resides in our unity.
  • I have been working with members across the aisle for many years.
  • I know how to get things done.
  • Vote for me and I will clean out the swamp.

Ad nauseam, nothing changes.

Among us, there are some who will believe these politicians are earnest when they say these things. Then, there are those who believe the politicians are earnest, yet remain skeptical. “Show me the proof,” is their battle cry.

Another camp of voters doubts every word a politician says. They have had their fill of empty promises, old solutions, and standstill performance. They want change and they want it now.

The last group of voters are the ones who are dejected. They are the “Charlie Brown” voters. They have had the ball moved on them so many times that they have just given up. They figure, “nothing changes, so why vote?” This is the state of our political spectrum at the moment.

Nineteen months between now and the next election cycle, I see us trekking down the same road. We are either with Trump, or we are with Biden — same old, same old, regardless of what either of them has accomplished.

Newcomers like Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, and Asa Hutchinson don’t stand a chance against the support of the staunch money machines that back each of the primary candidates.

All this leads me to believe the next five and one-half years are going to make us resolute in our determination to maintain the status quo — don’t make waves, whatever you do. And that is a pity!

We cannot let the Proud Boys and/or Oath Keepers have their say in our governmental affairs. Our nation is biased enough without their participation.

It will take change to prevent this from happening — change for all of us. The change we need is inside every single one of us. It is time for us to make a difference in the history of America. I hope we are up to the task.

Thanks for reading this.

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