When a First Kiss Goes Too Far

Getting “hit on” early in life can sometimes leave a favorable first impression.

Ken Kayse
7 min readJun 22, 2022


“Love in the sun” by closelyobservedphoto is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

The names and places used in this tale are fictitious. Perhaps they could be construed to be like someone’s life, or perhaps not. However, any similarities to a real person’s life are purely coincidental in nature. As you read this, let your mind wander back to your youthful years, and remember what it was like to get your first real kiss.

How did it all start?

Jody knew exactly when it happened — it was 1957. He was nine and his cousin had taken him to see a movie at the picture show she and her friend had been wanting to see. Both girls were 14 at the time, and the movie was playing on a Saturday.

He remembers that detail because it only cost a nickel to see the movies on Saturdays. That meant he could cut Mr. Rasputin’s yard and earn a quarter, then cash in some beer bottles and get 2¢ apiece.

He figured he’d only need to find 10 bottles or so. Usually, there were plenty laying on the ground behind the beer joint at the end of the corner, so he could cash them in and have plenty of pocket change to get in the movies.

He and his cousin walked the two blocks to the theater and then had to wait about 10 minutes before her friend finally arrived. She caught up with them as they were going in the door. They had gotten there extra early to make sure they’d be first in line, so they could get the first choice of seats. Their plan worked out perfectly.

Jody remembers how he skipped down the aisle until his cousin found the best seats, then sat down to the right of his cousin, who was in the second seat next to the aisle. She was saving the first seat for her friend.

Meanwhile, her friend went directly to the popcorn concession stand and ordered two huge boxes of popcorn with extra butter. She brought them back to her seat, along with 3 bottles of Coca Cola, handing one to each of us. His cousin shared her popcorn and gave Jody his own Coke, then the movie started right on cue.



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