You Can Censure an Author and Live Happily Ever After

Sometimes, my values make me do things I don’t like to do

Ken Kayse
4 min readOct 12, 2021


Courtesy: Suzy Hazelwood via Pexels

Freedom of speech took a square hit on the chin today. I know, because I’m the one who threw the first punch. Obviously, it wasn’t recorded as a knockout punch, but it was definitely well-deserved. I censured a writer, something I have never, ever done before.

The offending author shall remain nameless. I made my censure decision without input from anyone else, and I didn’t consult with the offender either. Unilaterally, I decided enough was enough from this particular author.

What was the offense, you ask? It was a combination of factors that were so egregious, they defied my imagination. From the style of writing, to the headline, to the beginning sentence, the article was written to attack and offend common decency, intelligence, creativity and the very desire each writer possesses to make an impact.

I cannot think of, or imagine sitting down at my desk and writing an article filled with vile, even vulgar hate speech, designed to purposefully shock and awe any intended audience. That form of writing holds no value for me.

Interspersed throughout the article were lies, misquotes, fictitious circumstances that had no way of ever happening, and I was being asked to believe them as if they were proven facts.

This article would never be expected or accepted in any political setting. It wasn’t about politics. The primary subject of this article was, I believe, intent. It was written with as much venom as one could imagine, to try to divide certain segments of our society with samples of bigotry, hatred, racism, and class warfare.

Who does that and why would they do it? Are they trying to stoke the fires of riots and Molotov cocktails? Expletives were hurled violently forward, like a river of lava flows from a volcano. And, none of it made sense!

Nothing was mentioned about why this article was written. There was no history to offer a setting for a reader to stumble upon. There was no mention of what happens in the future, either. What’s more, the author couldn’t show readers the point of the article.



Ken Kayse

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